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I’ve always loved WWII RAF flying jackets, but despite collecting originals for years, I never felt comfortable wearing them. I was worried about damaging them through everyday wear and tear.

Imagine ruining a vintage jacket with 70-odd years of history by catching it on something sharp.


I couldn’t live with this on my conscience, so I looked into getting myself an authentic reproduction as a more practical alternative. However, after much research and several purchases, I realised there wasn’t a reproduction jacket available on the market that fulfilled my exacting standards. For me, nothing came close enough to reproducing accurately the pattern, character or feel of original WW2 RAF flying jackets.


Determined not to let this stand in the way, I decided to try and make my own. After two years of sourcing the best materials, making an accurate pattern from a ruined, dismembered original, and the steep curve of learning to sew professionally, I made my first jacket. I was very happy with the results – it’s the jacket you can see on the home page. For me it has exactly the level of accuracy that I was looking for but was unable to find on the market. It occurred to me that I may not be the only one looking for a truly authentic reproduction, and so I decided to set up Aces High Flying Jacket Company.


Essentially I am my own customer, and so understand the importance of getting everything right, down to the tiniest detail. For this reason, I don’t outsource any aspect of the jacket-making process. The jackets are all handmade by me to my authentic pattern, using only the finest sheepskin and leather.


World War Two RAF Fighter Pilots

The accuracy of your WW2 flying jacket is excellent.
– Wing Commander Kenneth Cook DFC RAF (retired)

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1970s USAF jacket with a story to tell

Although not a jacket that I have made (and it’s a nylon flight jacket, rather than sheepskin) I thought I’d share this. I have collected vintage flying jackets for some years now, and I bought this 1970s USAF flight jacket recently. I looked up the patches and found some info about NCAR, which I hadn’t heard […]

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Test jacket #1 after one year!

The first reproduction RAF test jacket that I made is now one year old, so I thought I’d take some comparison photos of the jacket next to an original wartime jacket. The test jacket is starting to show lots of character, and is looking more and more like an original 1940s jacket.

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